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In addition to our Incident Management System (IMS), E-Leaf offers consulting and training services to the healthcare industry. Our consulting and training services are designed to work collaboratively with boards of directors and management to manage compliance within the industry.

At E-Leaf, our team has extensive experience in the aged and community care domains, and we understand how to incorporate compliance effectively. Our primary goal is to equip our partners with tools that are effective and efficient while maintaining compliance with industrial standards. Trust us to help you stay on top of compliance and keep your organization running smoothly.

Consultancy & Support Services With Managing Serious Incidents

Working as a frontline worker or in the healthcare industry means that incidents and hazards cannot be completely eliminated. However, with an effective response mechanism in place, you can prepare yourself for when they do happen. A quick incident management response time is of utmost importance for the operational resilience of any healthcare organization.

Training Around SIRS Hazards, Infection Control And Continuous Improvement.

Our training services are designed based on best practices and methods that service providers should have in place to identify and manage risks in their services. We ensure that your incident management system is up to date, consistent, outcome-focused, and provides provisions for future improvements.

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