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Streamlining Incident and Complaint
Resolution in Your Organisation

Empower Your Organization with IncidentPlus - Achieve Compliance with Incident Response Requirements and Elevate Your Complaint Resolution System

Streamline Incident Management and Ensure Compliance with IncidentPlus - Simplify Incident Reporting and Resolution for Care Businesses

Our vision centers on creating solutions that are straightforward and intuitive, tailored specifically for the care industry.

Enhance Incident Management Effectiveness

Equip your team with refined processes for efficient incident prioritization and response, promoting swift actions and continuous advancement.

Maintain Adherence to SIRS & NDIS Guidelines

Fulfill all incident reporting mandates set by the Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS) and the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, leveraged by the capabilities of IncidentPlus.

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Our Services

Incident Management Systems

IncidentPlus is a cloud-based tool designed for the healthcare industry, enhancing the management and compliance of incident and hazard reporting. Offering real-time access to essential data, our system empowers quick, informed decisions. Emphasising user-friendliness and efficiency, we’ve collaborated closely with aged care industry professionals to ensure IncidentPlus meets their specific needs. In emergencies, our robust incident reporting feature guarantees that you have crucial information at your fingertips, further facilitating optimal consumer care.

Consultancy & Support

E-Leaf specialises in healthcare consulting, providing incident management services vital for frontline workers. We help identify potential hazards, strategies effective responses, and train your team for operational resilience. Our comprehensive approach, based on industry best practices, ensures your organisation’s preparedness for emergencies. In the absence of an efficient system, the risk of losses increases, hence the crucial need for our services. With E-Leaf, you can trust us to manage crises effectively.


E-Leaf’s training services align with best practices to manage risks in healthcare services. We ensure understanding of tools for incident recording, staff training, infection control, and continuous organisational improvement. Our expertise includes the Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS), enhancing preparedness against neglect in aged care and NDIS services. Trust E-Leaf to optimise your incident management, fulfill reporting obligations, and maintain a secure healthcare environment.

IncidentPlus offers comprehensive solutions for aged care, home care, and NDIS care providers, optimizing incident response and reporting processes.

Considerations include:

According to the Quality Standards, it is
mandatory to have an effective system and
practices in place for managing and preventing
incidents, including the use of an Incident
Management System.


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